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Who provides CART, RCART and captioning?


CART/RCART providers and captionists are specially trained court reporters who utilize a realtime translation system, consisting of a stenotype machine, notebook computer and realtime translation software. The CART provider can [...]

Who provides CART, RCART and captioning?2019-04-02T00:10:22-05:00

What are the training requirements for captionists and CART providers?


The Texas Court Reporters Association CART Foundation, http://www.tcra-online.com/, administers a CART exam which ranks the CART provider from Level I to Level V. The National Court Reporters Association, http://www.ncraonline.org/, [...]

What are the training requirements for captionists and CART providers?2019-11-11T19:23:01-06:00

Who can benefit from CART?


CART is primarily provided for persons with hearing loss who are fluent in English and are unable or prefer not to use sign language or oral interpreters. Texas Closed Captioning, [...]

Who can benefit from CART?2019-04-02T00:11:43-05:00