WEB Captioning

See our demo of Remote CART Services here! 

Remote CART is accomplished by a CART provider utilizing remote connectivity software. The CART provider is usually located at a different site than the consumer and/or the presenter. The audio of the event is sent to the CART provider via telephone line or voice over internet and the CART provider listens to the proceedings and writes the text to an internet site. The consumer logs on to the website or IP address given to them by the CART provider and views the text in real time. The text appears almost instantaneously and enables the viewer to participate in real time.

Texas Closed Captioning, LLC has been providing remote CART on a daily basis for students in classrooms, from fifth grade to Ph.D level courses. We also frequently provide remote CART for teleconferences, job trainings, webinars and many other events. If you have an internet connection and a computer at your location, we can test with you and see if remote CART will work for you! It is an extremely affordable alternative to onsite CART, which requires travel time and setup fees. Remote CART is also a wonderful communication tool in rural areas where there are no CART providers.

Did you know that approximately 36 million people in the United States have some degree of hearing loss? The majority of persons with hearing loss do not know sign language and communicate utilizing assistive listening devices, lipreading and CART.

CART /RCART is often the most effective method of communication in the classroom, courtroom, workplace and public meetings for persons with hearing loss. The Americans with Disabilities Act includes assistive technology, and lists CART in the definition of auxiliary aids for persons with hearing loss.

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