The most common example of closed captioning is what you see on your television screen when you have the closed captioning menu option turned on to view captions. The words are embedded into the video and you see the text along with the video.

CART displays the text of the spoken word without any video. The CART provider displays the spoken word on a computer, which can then be projected for the consumer in a variety of ways. The consumer may choose to view the text on a laptop, an external monitor, television screen, or projected onto a wall or a large screen for viewing by an audience.

RCART is Remote CART sent through the internet to the consumer. You can be in the same location or separate locations thousands of miles apart. The consumer can view the RCART text on any internet enabled device, such as a smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Webcast captioning/CART is having the text displayed within your webcast. The captions can appear integrated into the webstream, in a separate box or a link can be given to the consumer to view the text in an entirely separate window.